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  Welcome to my cool web site!

Hello hello! Take a seat and join the sofa club. :-)


My name is Dan and I like making teletext & net.art.
I am also researching teletext art.

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.:  Examples of teletext  :.

(But teletext isn't usually animated. Sorry guys I cheated L.O.L.)


Would you like to
make teletext art? :-D

Editor templates (Ultra Beginner)
Ten Minute How-to PDF (Beginner)
Tutorial video by Carlos (Beginner)


.:  Old projects  :.

Artless colour chart. [2005]

Office Pong. You'll need Flash Player. [2007]

Antarctic Hunting Season photomontage project. [2007]

Public Transport Sucks. Art installation. [2006]

Analogue Propaganda "Digital TV means a clearer, more colourful picture" [2007]

Error 406! Oh no! [2008]

MTV Office Breakout animation [2008]

Space Invades! Animation [2008]

VHS on-screen copyright warnings compilation [2010]


Stuff I make Top 10!

1. Teletext Art
2. Pixel Art
3. Text Mode Art
4. Net Art
5. Websites

... &more!!!

As seen on TV! :-O

(...you know, because teletext is on tv...)


↓↓↓ Keep your sausages away from him. :-D


Impotant: This web page is under construciton!!!
My site will be better in future. :->


Voted the 5th best teletext art site on the web (3 times: 1999, 2000 and 2001)



Email me: hello [at] teletextart (dot) co {dot} uk

1999-20XX Dan Farrimond.
GIFs stolen from Yogouchy and
millions of artists whose names have been lost to the ether.
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