illarterate guest book

Welcome to my guest book on the world wide web! Plz sign! -- Dan, 3 March 1998

I have had to temporarily suspend my guest book due to spam. It will be back soon -- Dan, 21 August 2005

Date: 1999-04-21 10:06:34 GMT

Name: Dad

Message: your site lucks really good well done

Date: 1999-05-21 21:12:02 GMT

Name: johnny

Message: hahah your site is so old. mrs green doesnt know im using her computer to leave this messag hahaha

Date: 1999-08-14 13:09:47 GMT

Name: Robert McDonald

Message: hello! I found your site while searching for my Great Aunt Illarterate. But your site is great anyways!

Date: 1999-09-23 08:19:15 GMT

Name: Cousin Jenny

Message:  tell your mum i enjoyed the cake she sent

Date: 1999-09-23 19:41:45 GMT

Name: not enough animatted jifs

Message:  not enough jif images no wonder you only came fith place in that cometition